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About Kristy Wells

I’m influenced by nature and the works of other artists.  Creating art can be a reflection of the greater good. Looking at nature can be a relaxing experience. My work is rhythmic and whimsical; it gives the viewer a sense of calm.  The main subject of my artwork is an exploration of the painted surface.  I like to push the limitations of what is considered a painting. 

I work in the mediums of painting and drawing. Working in these mediums gives me the ability to freely express myself.  If it’s abstract or figurative work, I see the Creator’s hand at work in my art. Art allows me to express ideas that are bigger than myself. All my work reflects the Creator as he gives me the ability to create. I have a desire to express worship through the creative process.

The painting with the folded canvas demonstrates me working with the ideas of lyrical abstraction inspired by the late artist Sam Gilliam (I’m a big fan of the Washington Color School). The abstract painting titled Lorina is based on a discussion with a local artist Lorina Harris. On the bottom left is a painted outline of a rose. I’ve been interested in flowers since a child, my childhood home had a large rose bush that grew toward the entrance of my front door. Nature is a direct relation to the Creator, you can’t look at nature without seeing God’s goodness.

About Arts 4 Everyone

Arts 4 Everyone was born out of a simple idea: bringing high quality, accessible and affordable education to the entire community. We invite you to explore our engaging and diverse course schedule. Contact us and subscribe for more information about classes and upcoming events.

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