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The Importance of Art For All

Updated: Aug 13, 2021

"Art is something reserved for the wealthy and globally elite." This statement could not be more wrong. The misconception that art is only for elite members of society is keeping young and older people alike from engaging with art at its most mighty. At Arts 4 Everyone, that concept is devastating to us.

Let's explore some of the ways that art is essential for all.

Art Allows You to Express Yourself

When was the last time you did something to express your emotions and unique perspective on life? Chances are that it's been a while if you were raised in a society focused on gatekeeping art for those who are good at it. We don't swing a paintbrush unless we're Leonardo Da Vinci personally and don't throw our hands in the air unless we're the next Martha Graham.

Next time you get out a pen and paper to doodle while you're talking to your car insurance company, allow yourself to be bad at it. Freeing, isn't it? Let your emotions flow and find some ease.

Art is All-Around

Do you think the only way to appreciate art is to visit the MOMA or the de Young? Visiting art museums can be one of the best ways to clear your mind and let inspiration come to you, but art isn't strictly kept inside these beacons of legitimacy. When you walk down the street in your neighborhood, do you notice the artistry in some of the architecture? Perhaps there's some graffiti to appreciate. Even the way the gardens are arranged is a form of expressing yourself through art.

Our brains are conditioned to think of art as decorative, but finding the artistry in functional elements of our lives is beautiful and rewarding.

Art is Good for You

Studies have shown that engaging in artistic pursuits can help with depression, anxiety, dementia, and even cancer. When we create art, whether doodling or coloring in a mandala, blood flow to our brain's reward center fills us with peace and joy.

The great news is that this process takes place whether you self-identify as an artist or not. Additionally, there is no particular form of art that is more beneficial than others. If anybody can do it in any medium and reap the benefits of creating, that means there's no need for art to be elitist and cut off from daily life. Lean deeply into what your inner self is calling out for and grab that clay, those pencils, or your new watercolors.

Arts 4 Everyone

The notion that art should be for all is essential enough to have named our company Arts 4 Everyone. The idea was simple, we want to bring high-quality, accessible, and affordable education to our community. No matter where in the world you find yourself, we invite you to try one of our online classes to engage with your creativity. Lucky enough to be a San Francisco local? Our in-person classes await you. The best part? Introductory lessons are free of charge.

Life is one big art party. It's time to celebrate.

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